To offer an exceptional educational environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global citizens who are equipped to achieve their potential in education, work and life.


  • To prepare students for an ever changing and challenging world.
  • To instill in them a passion for learning and a spirit of inquiry that integrates practical and intellectual perspectives.
  • To help students grow into responsive and responsible global citizens.
  • To foster in them respect and care towards others and the environment.
  • To provide the school community an environment which is a blend of universal values, pedagogy and innovation.
  • MYP2D this week…

    15th Sep 2019 by

    MYP 2D Week 2 of September 2019 Subject Blog Content Math Over the last wo weeks, we revised fractions, concepts of divisibility rules, index notation, Squares and Square root. We were also introduced to Coordinate Plane. Furthermore, we attempted our second formative assessment. By: Sarim Khan MYP2D   Language and Literature Over the last two… Read more

  • Week 4 – Aug 2019)

    1st Sep 2019 by

    Subject Blog Content Math Over the past two weeks we have been exploring Integers. We practiced math drills, puzzles and integer application problems. We also appeared for a formative on integers. We watched a video on coordinate plane and attempted a worksheet based on the cartesian plane which is an application of integers.    By:… Read more

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